10.000 steps…

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.

Back from the holiday of weight loss sin August 17, 2006

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I am back from London, and didn’t abide by the below contract at all. It simply wasn’t possible. Ok ok, I am lying, it was possible, but I just didn’t want to miss out on any time at the memorial service or with my friends living and diseased that I hold near and dear. Though it may sound like a cheap cop out, that’s honestly how I felt. Though I didn’t make the 10.000 steps, I haven’t been lazy either. Going from one place to the other, some stress and sadness, but also fun and happiness. None of which done by merely being a complete couch potato.

Now here is the truth:

On all days I stayed away from second helpings. I didn’t abide by the 2 liters of water. I didn’t work out. Nor did I meet the 10.000 steps. I did do more activities then usual though, and experienced more stress then usual over the weekend.


breakfast: mozarella focachia with OJ and coffee.

lunch: ham sandwhiches (the english way with the crust cut off and stuff)

dinner: veggies with hummus, a chicken breast dish.

All of which eaten at the wrong time, and dinner as late as 9 PM. I stayed away from alcohol as I have for months.


Breakfast: English breakfast moderate portion. This means at 9 AM I was eating whole wheat cereal with skim milk but also…..two strips bacon (without fatty parts), 2 small sausages, 1 slice of whole wheat yet slightly buttered toast.

Lunch: varied different sandwiches, lunch meats, pork pie, veggies. All in all a moderate sized portion. OK I caved in, in celebration of my friends life, I wanted to have a white wine with his other friends and loved ones.
Dinner: same as lunch, but with full fat cheese.

All of which eaten at the wrong time, and dinner as late as 9 PM.

I had 3 glasses of red wine late at night……because frankly…..I needed it. Hell what I really needed was about half a bottle of scotch but that’s beside the point.

I also drank coffee with skim milk in it, instead of black.

Breakfast: cereal with skim milk, 1 slice of whole wheat toast a little buttered.

Lunch: finished off a whole plate of lasagna absolutely covered and smothered in bechamel sauce and full fat cheese, and a glass of wine. Because…..I was having such a good time with my other friend, after the memorial day weekend.
Dinner: about half of a pizza, covered in full fat cheese and veggies.

Again ate at the wrong times. Drank coffee with milk. But having a fantastic time. Live it up, I completely gave up on sticking with the contract after the English breakfast anyway. 🙂


Breakfast: 1 peach, full fat dutch cheese (that I brought over), 3 mini croissants.

Lunch: lemon sole prepared in olive oil, with potatoes. I also had a few fries. OK more then a few, about 10. heheh

Dinner: tortellini with butter and pepper.

I snacked, had an ice cream cone, and some candy floss. Then I also munched on a bunch of potato chips and peanuts.

If there was any doubt, my weight loss efforts are surely on vacation now.
Had my coffee with milk, and again ate at the wrong times.


Breakfast: 1 peach, 3 mini croissants lightly buttered, and full fat cheese.
Lunch: chicken vegetable soup.

Afternoon snack: chocolate brownies.

And at the airport I figured as I have done everything I shouldn’t…………I may as well have a big mac before I go back home.

To my great surprise I stood on the weight scale……..and still lost 0.6 kilo’s (1.36 pounds.) Yes you heard it, before I left I weighed 82.1 Kg (180.6 pounds) and now I weigh 81.5 Kg (179.3 pounds.)

I have NO CLUE how the hell this happened. But it seems rather unfair considering everything I had done. There should have been more punishment, just to show a point.

I can’t believe I am complaining about losing weight. Don’t tell anyone, I am secretly doing a big fat YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


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