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10.000 steps a day: how I take them (part 2) August 4, 2006

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When I started doing this, I had no idea what it would mean. Would I reach 10.000 steps by just doing what I normally do in a day? Would I be able to reach it, if I take the stairs more often, or walk to the station?

I have discovered that how many steps I walk within daily routine is completely random, even though on the surface I spend my day in a normal routine. If I spend a day behind a computer and a desk, the amount of steps you do can be rediculously low and not amount to much more then trips to where you eat you food and to the bathroom. This can be on a bad day 500 steps from the moment you sit behind your computer until you stop working. But sometimes even during desk work, you walk an extra trip to the mailbox, have lunch elsewhere, or spend a lot of time answering phone in another room, have to go to the bathroom more, went for a quick errand or whatever. Then it can easily go about to any number you want without seemingly nothing changing in your routine.

I don’t own a car, so you’d be surprised how many steps you do walking to the right train platform, or switching trains etc. Sometimes that activity alone, can rack up a good 1500 steps for a single journey. Now imagine if you get out one stop sooner, and walk the rest of the way. You can easily get 500-1000 steps extra that way. More if it can qualify as going for a walk instead just as getting out a stop early.

Couch potato Sundays are the worst I have noticed. You end up with a meager less then a 1000 steps if you are able to lift couch potato-ness up to an art form.

Bottom line is, it is really hard to say how many steps you take during your normal routine. It entirely depends on your routine. What I can say though, is that the amount of steps you do during simple activities can be surprising. For instance during shopping for groceries. Getting lost in a building somewhere. Doing your yard. Mailing letters. Doing house work. Or having a schedule on a day that simply requires more walking from one room to the other, one meeting to the other, errands. This can make huge differences, and simple changes like that can spike up your pedometer and you don’t need to do anything extra to reach your 10K steps.

Moms are in my experience the busiest people on the planet, and have a job that requires their attention in a lot of different places They may be at a slight advantage adding steps to a pedometer on a daily routine. It’s not only your bathroom break, but also those of your potty training munchkin. Getting the kids to their clubs and activities. Simply running after them to behave, dragging them over to their naughty mats. I am glad moms get the extra steps on the pedometer, as they likely have a harder time to get away to workout.

This is what I found:

It takes me approximately 1.5 hours to do 10.000 when going for a hike/walk. I walk compared to others brisk to fast, for me it is fast enough to be able to talk to someone else, but not fast enough to get out of breath. Though when my attention slips (I have a bit of a attention deficit as I have a condition that affects this), I start to walk slower, not slow but slower. Regardless I do pass all other people taking a stroll or taking a walk. I do notice significant changes when I only slightly move faster, or slower, or take large vs smaller steps. I also walk to music (god bless the MP3 player), which really helps not getting bored and keeping a good pace in your walk. I also walk in a place where there are no traffic lights hindering me, places where I need to stop and watch where I am going, flat surface, and Holland is flat as a pan cake (I would have preferred more inclines and declines in my walk.) Depending on what level of fitness

It is estimated by my pedometer that I:

Burn 350 Kcl
Lose 27,6 grams (I find this number somewhat ambiguous, it’s about smart food and burning off calories.)

Walk 7 kilometers, which is about 4,35 miles.

Grocery shopping in a medium sized grocery store is about 400-600 steps (not covering all isles)


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